Arch - several hundred miles away from this locale, wind howled over the ocean, and transferred its energy into the water. This force traveled three days to reach the gulf coast of Florida, where this image as taken. These shores are not particularly known for thrilling surf, but with the right swell direction, winds, tides, and a little patience, you may see the most stunning miniature waves of your life...

This photo was taken close to a year ago - last Thanksgiving to be exact. The undulation was maybe eight inches tall, and I waited three hours to capture it. As I stood knee deep in the chilly water, I would bend down and snap a photo each time a ripple passed by. I remember most of my images were overexposed since I was shooting directly into the sunlight. Yet, as the sun set rapidly, the left over light spilled over the ocean’s surface, illuminating the lines that a storm seven hundred miles away created.

Like surfing, taking photos outdoors is based on an unpredictable rewards system. No matter what the sun, tide, or wind is like on a given day, the conditions will always be different. Thus, it takes great endurance to be rewarded. However, in today’s digital world, almost everything is instant. With the swipe of your finger, you can satisfy your ‘boredom’ in seconds. Scroll down your Facebook feed and watch every video to pass the time away. Click on a Tweet to give yourself a laugh that will last a few seconds. Post a photo on Instagram to have all your friends ‘like’ it a matter of minutes.

To me, social media breeds a fixation on instant gratification. In time, this conditions us to be bored whenever we don’t have a phone in our hands. Yes, I recognize the multitude of benefits social media provides for us on a daily basis. I’m using it now as I write this. Still, I encourage you and me to put the phone down from time to time. Be patient. Find wonder in the stillness of the passage of time. Watch the grass sway in the wind. Listen to the trees rustle. Have a conversation with a stranger on a bus. Enjoy the things that take time and effort.


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