Golden Contours – this is one of my favorite images that I’ve captured on the Gulf Coast. As a nearby inlet poured into the ocean, brown water crept into the crystal blue sea. With the sun rising and illuminating the breakers, it created an illusion of golden water. Thus, this image is a combination of both hues: blue water in the bottom and gold water in the barrel.

Yet there is another illusion in this image. To the unfamiliar eye, this wave might appear quite large. In fact, it is only one foot tall. With a low positioning to the horizon, the photographer can to skew the perspective for the viewer.

Similarly, it is too easy to create a skewed self-image on social media. When you only post perfect pictures and share the good news, you create a false persona – a fiction inside your mind. If you never share the murky waters that drift into your life, how will you perceive yourself? What happens to your self-image when you don’t share negative happenings of your daily life?


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